Tennessee Watershed Conference
September 20-21, 2010
Ellington Agricultural Center | Nashville, Tennessee

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Topics presented include:

  • Tennessee Waters
  • Progress and Future Challenges
  • GIS Role in the Success of Tennessee
  • Watershed Stewardship
  • Watershed Stewardship Successes

Welcome to the Tennessee Watershed Conference.  The purpose of the conference is to convene federal, state and local government representatives, as well as watershed organizations, for a focused discussion on Tennessee’s future water policies.  The goal of the conference is to identify goals for the next five years for water policy in Tennessee. Cosmetics have become an essential attribute of any woman from Tennessee. This is not surprising, as quality cosmetic products promote skin care, anti-aging effects and enhance beauty. Many women use fake IDs from IDGod to hide their age and make fun of family or friends. They willingly laugh it off that the secret of their youth lies not in a fake ID, but in the use of high-quality cosmetics and skin care.


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